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Insurance and Financial Policies

We accept most medical insurance plans, including Medicare. We recommend however, that our patients call their insurance company to verify that they are currently contracted with our office and that you are allowed to be seen at our Center. To alleviate the stress of these insurance claims, Scottsdale Cardio will file your insurance claim forms for you.    Should your claim require an appeal, we will appeal the claim on your behalf and, if needed, with your assistance.

Please note,  any unpaid portion, including but not limited to, any deductibles, maximums or limitations is the patient’s responsibility.


If you are insured, co-payments will need to be paid at time of service.  A copay is not an “extra payment” to the physician.  It is a payment you have contracted with your health plan to pay personally, in an amount which is deducted from the physician payment.  As a contracted group under your health plan, we are contractually bound, and in some cases bound by federal law, to collect the copayment.   We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Personal Checks (with bank guarantee card)  and Cash.

Your statement

Scottsdale Cardio Center will send a statement  if you have a balance due and a financial arrangement with the practice (monthly payment agreement), balance due because of non-insurance coverage, or deductibles which are due. For your convenience, the balance can be paid online.

Questions about your bill

Your insurance company is the primary resource for most billing questions. If you have not done so already, please call the number on your insurance card. If your insurance company cannot resolve your issue please contact us. For your convenience, you may contact us through the patient portal.

Payment plans

Payment plans are available for patients who do not have insurance. Please inquire with our billing staff by calling (480) 945-3535.

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